How to calculate panel wattage

How to calculate panel wattage

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How to calculate panel wattage

(Summary description)How to calculate panel wattage

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How to calculate panel wattage 

Standard Solar Panel Sizes 

Traditional solar panels come in two common configurations:60 cell and 72 cell. The standard dimensins for each option are : 

60 cell panels :39" *66" 

72 cell panels: 39"*77"

These are teh standard solar panel sizes for most residential and commercial installations, give or take an inch on either side, There are other panel size configurations on the market, but they are much less common,For example, Panasonice offers 96 cell panels which measure 41.5"*62.6". However, the standard 60 cell and 72 cell panel sizes are by far the most commo in the dindustry.

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