China's industrial LED power supply in 2020

China's industrial LED power supply in 2020

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China's industrial LED power supply in 2020

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Application area expansion
Compared to traditional lighting products, LED lighting products with high luminous efficiency and can effect comparing, stable and durable, adjustable light, easier to intelligent control, etc, in addition to indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and other lighting applications zhengda scale application, its plant in LED lighting, such as UV LED emerging in the field of application are in rapid development stage. LED plant lighting, which is mainly used with medium and high power LED drive power supply, and UV LED applications related to light curing and industrial exposure have a large potential market space.
Permeability varies by sector
In the field of LED plant lighting, its global market penetration is still at a relatively low stage, and the market is still mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and a few other countries and regions.
In the field of UV LED, according to the different wavelength properties of products, UV LED can be widely used in light curing, sensors, industrial exposure, light irradiation medical class, bioprotein analysis, medical disinfection, air sterilization, water purification and other fields. At present, the UVLED market, which is mainly used for light curing, sensors and industrial exposure, is growing rapidly. In the future, THE application of UV LED in air sterilization, water purification and other fields is also expected to become a new market growth point.


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