OLED lighting and light source product features

OLED lighting and light source product features

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OLED lighting and light source product features

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True flat light source, different from tungsten filament lamp and LED point light source or fluorescent lamp line light source. It has the natural advantage of even and soft light distribution.
Thickness is less than 2mm. All solid state shock resistance. It is used in many fields where traditional light sources cannot be realized. Can realize single (double) surface luminescence. There are different luminous colors to choose from. Shapes can be customized according to customer requirements.
Without glare and strobe, it is the most ideal light source to realize eye protection lighting. Both DC and AC drives are available, and the driving voltage is only 3~12V. The brightness is adjustable. Wide temperature, long life.
Wide application: OLED lighting products are a new generation of green lighting technology. It can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting and light signal indication of vehicle, ship, aircraft, spaceship and other carrying tools. Provides a variety of luminance signal luminescence modules, can provide a variety of equipment such as microscopes, measuring equipment required standard light source and background light source.


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