The night economy is not the light of the day

The night economy is not the light of the day

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The night economy is not the light of the day

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At present, the lighting of new technologies, new processes, new products, new equipment get rapid promotion and application of architectural popularity of multimedia, the rapid development of various light show, laser, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other novel way of light show, interactive, an intelligent landscape lighting and the explosive growth of wisdom light pole, constantly refresh the traditional understanding of urban lighting.
"But no matter adopt what kind of new technology, the nature of urban lighting planning is on the city environment form a reasonable organization at night, it is the embodiment of city aesthetics in the night, this requests us to all sorts of urban landscape elements to coordinate, combined together organically, make unified plans, reasonable formation function, harmonious and beautiful night scene picture." Jade leung said.

Hai-yang jiang "people-oriented", for example, for instance, and pedestrians are two different viewpoints: the dealership to observe the main perspective of the right in front of the building in depth, the top is continuous, emphasis of long-distance lighting scene, this view of point to the atmosphere of the construction of light and shade the transition, the key commercial building, traffic intersection marked the guidance of the lights. Pedestrian perspective focuses on the landscape on both sides of the street lamps, road illumination uniformity, business forms, main building entrances and exits, lighting sculpture, landscape wall, vegetation and so on, this view of point should be at the bottom of the building, street lighting quality, improve local interest and charisma of the space, let the city more rich, more vivid details.
Lighting concepts in many cities are already quietly changing. Hangzhou's current regulations on Urban Lighting specify both where functional or landscape lighting needs to be installed and what is known as the "black sky Protection zone". At present, the mountainous areas and scenic spots in the west of West Lake have realized the "unconditional ban on lighting".

What kind of urban lighting is best? Yang Biao, associate professor of architecture at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), said, "Good lighting means no lighting, but I would like to go there often with my children to play." That is to say, only by every city unique humanities, local characteristics, on the basis of overall good night view layout, brightness, color temperature and dynamic lighting, the application of colour light and light pollution control involves the urban lighting quality comprehensive factors, such as to set up effective lighting system, realize the real people and city "symbiosis" city lights.


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