LED lighting challenges

LED lighting challenges

  • 2020-11-06
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LED lighting challenges

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  • 2020-11-06
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LED light source longevity and efficiency basically meet the requirements, but challenges still exist, system life is limited by: power life, multi-device multi-solder process stability, temperature, and so on. Reducing glare, optimizing spots, and eliminating dispersion will significantly reduce light efficiency, resulting in low system efficiency. In the field of stadium lighting, due to the limitation of temperature management, the system power and total luminous flux are still low.
In terms of light quality, the challenge is even greater.
The small volume of LED puts forward higher requirements for the whole lamp technology. The main lens, especially the small beam Angle and small volume lens, the slight assembly error may lead to the sharp deterioration of light distribution.

The main light distribution method for lighting products is to switch from reflector to lens, and the dispersion (characteristic of refraction) becomes a major obstacle to the quality of light. At present, the elimination programme is relatively simple.
The consistency of the light source is not well solved, and the difference between batches of color temperature and color tolerance is large, especially for high-power small-angle linear lamps.
The criterion of lighting stroboscopic needs to be standardized and unified.
On the flat road, the ratio of high-power products is less, and mainly panel lights and other large Angle distribution products. Small Angle optical scheme is missing.
Modularity, see at street lamp tunnel lamp more, other lamps and lanterns development is more slow.
Intelligent, the road is long. Instead of talking about intelligence, I only talk about simple dimming. How to integrate 0-10V dimming, tangency dimming, Dali control and DMX512 control commonly used indoors into one is also a problem faced by actual engineering projects.

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