The integration dynamics of IDM manufacturers such as VCSEL components

The integration dynamics of IDM manufacturers such as VCSEL components

  • 2020-04-17
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The integration dynamics of IDM manufacturers such as VCSEL components

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  • 2020-04-17
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In recent years, IDM manufacturers aiming at VCSEL components have turned to mergers and acquisitions related manufacturing manufacturers or other IDM plants to expand their market share. Just as II-VI began to acquire Epiworks, Anadigics and Kaiam in January 2016, and successfully completed the acquisition of Apple mobile phone Face ID module supplier Finisar in September 2019; another IDM manufacturer Lumentum also in 2018 In March, the acquisition of Oclaro was completed.


In addition, AMS successfully acquired companies such as Heptagon and Princeton Optronics in February and March 2017, but the acquisition of Osram in early 2019 failed. Although the merger was still unsuccessful at this stage, there is still a chance for follow-up AMS. Fight for mergers and acquisitions again.


Overall, IDM manufacturers such as VCSEL components have adopted a consolidation model. Although a small number of mergers and acquisitions have been broken due to the failure to negotiate shares, most cases can successfully include related manufacturing OEMs or IDM plants.


Therefore, according to the development model of the initial VCSEL component manufacturing, although in the chaotic situation of the masses, the current market development with several IDM manufacturers (such as II-VI, Lumentum and AMS) after successive acquisition of other related companies The situation of the big Evergrande has gradually formed. This will help the VCSEL components to be more complete in overall development and specification, and to improve the market penetration of subsequent terminal product applications.


Further observation of the integration dynamics of IDM manufacturers such as VCSEL components, we can find that the original components that focus on the production of LEDs, such as Osram and Epistar, have successively announced mergers and acquisitions (such as Osram acquisition Vixar) in March 2018 or announced the spin-off. Manufacturing foundry method (Crystal Optoelectronics Separation of Crystal Semiconductor), dedicated to the development of VCSEL components.


As far as the time and space background and market situation were concerned, the manufacturers would make this decision, mainly due to the poor environment. From the perspective of product development model, LED-related industries have entered a relatively mature and declining stage, component prices and profitability have been greatly worse than before, coupled with the pressure of low-cost competition among Chinese manufacturers in recent years, it has also forced some international companies to start. Look for possibilities for other end product applications. At this point, the VCSEL laser luminescent component market is a good development opportunity.


Although the principle of illumination of VCSEL laser elements is almost the same as that of LED elements, the material structure is still much more complicated than that of LED elements, and with Osram and Epistar (after being split into manufacturing foundries -


Jingcheng Semiconductor) The long-term research and development and epitaxial capabilities for LED components seem to be difficult for transferring into production-related laser components.


For these IDM manufacturers that manufacture LED components, the gradual shift to the development of VCSEL component production models will help increase corporate profitability.


Future VCSEL development trends and application areas


Due to the gradual growth of the infrared component application market, the 3D sensing technology, the vehicle light and the optical fiber transmission of the terminal mobile phone at this stage are drastically developed.


In the future, the application of VCSEL components may gradually develop toward the security monitor application of light source illumination, the mobile phone fingerprint identification module of the light sensing market, and the application of wearable devices.


Based on its physical characteristics, it is considered that the light source of the VCSEL component is easily interfered by external light (daylight), which makes it difficult for the receiving end to accurately receive the projection light source. Therefore, the material structure of the VCSEL component must be adjusted for the receiving interference, and the subsequent By growing other different material epitaxial layers, such as InGaAs, AlGaAs, etc. as the active layer (Active Layer),


This will extend the development of VCSEL components with different wavelengths (such as 650 ~ 1,600 nm), providing new applications for light sensing, optical communication and light illumination.

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