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The China International Semiconductor Forum and the International Third Generation Semiconductor Forum share the same platform. The forum's guests cover more than 70 countries and regions in the world, with over 1,800 guest speakers, 378 summits, over 26,500 professional audiences and over 2,140 academic papers submitted. The two major international forums, held once a year, reflect each other and look to the broader future of LED+ and advanced electronic materials.
In addition to opening the conference, at the same time with power electronics and packaging technology, substrate, extension and growth equipment, microwave radio frequency (rf) and 5 g mobile communications, solid state uv device technology, Mini/Micro - new LED display technology, semiconductor lighting chip, encapsulation and module technology, the ultra wide band gap semiconductor and new third generation of semiconductor, biological agriculture lighting technology, health and light quality and reliability and thermal management 10 professional technology branch. It is equipped with intelligent lighting, ULTRAVIOLET curing and sterilization, Mini/Micro display engineering application, new generation general power and Charger industry Summit, power semiconductor Technology Application Forum and other industry summits. There will also be sub-forums such as the 2020 Third Generation Semiconductor Technology Application Innovation Exhibition (CASTAS), business matching and paper exchange.
Cutting-edge topics, the latest research results, and a strong guest lineup, the two forums will continue to bring the industry a wonderful feast.






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