Promote the iteration of urban night economy with new forms of business

Promote the iteration of urban night economy with new forms of business

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Promote the iteration of urban night economy with new forms of business

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It can be found that there are mainly two types of cities with relatively active economy at night, one is the popular city of cultural tourism or the city around the popular tourist attractions, and the other is the city with a large resident population and strong consumption ability. The night economy facing foreign tourists and local residents has some differences in development ideas, spatial layout, business positioning, planning and management, etc. Therefore, each city should focus on the actual needs of the audience, make in-depth analysis according to the environment and conditions of different regions, and do a good job in function positioning. For those cities that do not have the conditions for the accumulation of large Numbers of consumers, the development of night economy requires prudent decision-making to avoid excessive investment.
For a long time, many cities in China have had nightlife dominated by fine dining, shopping, visiting gardens and watching lanterns. Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of service scenes, the night is becoming more colorful, and the main consumer of nightlife is becoming younger and personalized, and the market demand is changing, so is the development mode of night economy. Only by actively connecting new formats and new scenes, innovating night consumption content and products, and meeting the demands of consumers with different needs in various scenes, can cities walk more stably, better and more distinctive on the new competitive track of night economy.




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