A method to express architectural culture by nightview lighting

A method to express architectural culture by nightview lighting

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A method to express architectural culture by nightview lighting

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1. The colour
Color is instructive, symbolic and emotional. It is one of the important ways to express architectural culture by night lighting and plays a key role in shaping architectural image and atmosphere and enhancing architectural attraction.

2. Control the direction of illumination
By controlling the Angle and direction of the night lighting, such as using the bottom-up lighting technique, the visual effect will be different from that of the day, breaking the light and shadow pattern generated by natural light and emphasizing the detailed features of the building, so that the features that are not available in the daytime will be fully displayed.

3. Control illumination and brightness
Controlling the illumination and brightness of night-scene lighting can shape the changes of light and shade, and make people have different psychological feelings through stronger contrast of light and shade.
Generally speaking, there is a prominent bright place, there is a strong central nature, a lively atmosphere; In general places where there are prominent shadows, there should be a feeling of tranquility and indifference. By light gradually dark, will lead people into the dream; By dark gradually bright, so that people wake up from a dream. Sudden darkness is frightening, sudden light is exhilarating and so on.


4. Combination of different lighting methods
The combination of different lighting methods, such as flood lighting, penetration, contour lighting or special lighting, can form different lighting effects of points, lines and surfaces and increase the sense of hierarchy.



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