Light damage "fierce" than the luminaries exposed

Light damage "fierce" than the luminaries exposed

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Light damage "fierce" than the luminaries exposed

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Many people blindly adhere to the so-called "light does not see the light" principle, so that will be very taboo lamps and lanterns installed in a slightly exposed position, would rather use other ways of light distribution to reflect, so that the noise. In recent years, the processing of product structure of cast light lamp, metope cloth light is more and more flexible, but still a lot of designers will use buried lamp and other hidden lamps to apply in ancient architecture lighting, in some inappropriate processing, glare is very easy to produce, cause the disturbance of visual environment. Such cases are not uncommon. If the illumination position of the projection lamp or the wall washing lamp is the best, even if there is some nudity, it is still better than other design schemes.
In lighting of ancient buildings, "see the light does not see the lamp" technique is very common, but rigid according to not advocate, in some times, the light that sees is more worth to be vigilant than the naked lamp.



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