2019 5G Application Scenario Research Report

2019 5G Application Scenario Research Report

  • 2020-04-18
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2019 5G Application Scenario Research Report

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  • 2020-04-18
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Core summary:


The development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things has spawned 5G communication technology. Compared with previous generations of mobile communication technologies, 5G has great differences in standards, performance, network architecture, user groups and the development speed of the industry chain.


To meet the needs of different operators' 5G network construction, 3GPP defines NSA and SA networking modes from 4G and 5G. From the perspective of 5G, the SA networking can truly support the application scenarios of ultra-high reliability and low latency.


At present, the 5G standard has not been fully completed, and the network deployment needs a certain time. The fastest is also needed until around 2023. The 5G network has the ability to support ultra-high reliability and low latency application scenarios.


ITU-R defines three application scenarios: eMBB (Enhance Mobile Broadband), uRLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (Massive Machine Type Communications) for 5G.


A large number of consumer and industry-level 5G application scenarios have emerged on the market. The requirements for 5G networks vary from application to application, and the maturity of application scenarios varies.


Whether it is a vertical industry user or an investor, it is necessary to analyze the relevance of the application scenario and 5G technology and the maturity of the 5G network from the requirements of the application scenario to determine whether the application is a real 5G application and the maturity of the application scenario. Time to support decision making.


At present, the focus of 5G development needs to be exerted from two aspects. On the one hand, it is necessary to build a high-quality 5G network, on the other hand, it is necessary to accelerate the integration of the communication industry and the vertical industry, and promote the development and maturity of 5G networks and applications.

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