OLED is expected to be the next mainstream display technology

OLED is expected to be the next mainstream display technology

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OLED is expected to be the next mainstream display technology

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It is expected to gradually replace LCD

Samsung is the world's first company to mass-produce OLED. In addition to satisfying its own needs, Samsung supplies Apple. Starting with the iPhone X, Several of Apple's new phones have OLED screens. Some of Huawei's high-end devices also use OLED screens. According to a reporter from China Securities Journal, LG and JD are the main suppliers to Huawei.
OLED has a wide range of applications, including mobile phones, AR, VR, on-board electronics, wearable devices, tablets and so on, due to its power-saving, light and light, large viewing Angle and flexibility.
In terms of screen structure, OLED has soft screen and hard screen, the main difference lies in the material. Hard - screen OLED is made of glass polarizer and TFT substrate. The polarizer and TFT substrate of soft screen OLED are made of flexible materials. Soft screens can fold, hard screens can't.
"With the development of the technology, OLED prices will rival THOSE of LCDS," said Deng Qingyun, the inventor of the OLED technology. OLED is a self-illumination screen with a simple manufacturing process, and when the industry maturates, the cost can be lower than LCD products of the same size, citic Securities said. Traditional LCD panel leaders such as Samsung, LG and BOE are turning to OLED manufacturing. Samsung, for one, has shut down its high-generation LCD production line in Mainland China to focus on OLED production. In the small size market, especially the mobile phone market, the application of flexible OLED will become the trend, which is expected to gradually replace LCD as the next generation of mainstream display products.



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