Regional distribution of plant lamp manufacturers worldwide

Regional distribution of plant lamp manufacturers worldwide

  • 2020-11-18
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Regional distribution of plant lamp manufacturers worldwide

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  • 2020-11-18
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At present, the global plant lamp market in addition to The Mainland China, the most mature application areas are: North America, Europe and Japan, according to the statistics show that the United States and Japan, the well-known manufacturers accounted for 37% and 23% respectively, is the most active plant lamp application market area.

By the end of 2017, in terms of the proportion of patents in the field of plant lighting application, Japan has 180, accounting for 27.1%, ranking first. China followed with 141 patent applications, accounting for 21%. These data show that the most active innovation of LED plant lighting is in Asia, where Japan has accumulated more technical experience in plant plant application for many years. Although China is lagging behind in development, it has strong innovation ability, and it is believed that it will soon surpass Japan and take a leading position in the world.

From the current situation of enterprises entering the LED plant lighting field, there are mainly two characteristics:
First, there are a large number of LED application enterprises in China, but LED plant lighting is a new field. Relevant institutions in China only started to study this field after 2005. Therefore, there are not many enterprises and institutions entering into LED plant lighting field, and no enterprise has obvious advantages in this field at present.
Second, most enterprise of LED lighting plants are still on the sidelines or try the water phase, there are few companies in the plant lighting products as the main products of the enterprise, but promotion of small-scale trial production and do some demonstration projects, nor in the core technology and downstream sales channels construction a large number of investment, the development direction of product and market planning also not too clear.



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