Current situation and development trend of LED plant lighting technology

Current situation and development trend of LED plant lighting technology

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Current situation and development trend of LED plant lighting technology

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1. Spectrum of LED plant lighting
The spectrum of plant illumination is complex and diversified. Different plants have different growth cycles, and even in different growth environments, the spectrum required varies greatly. To meet these differentiated needs, there are currently several solutions in the industry:
1.1 represented by osram, philips variety of monochromatic light combination plan, to the plant photosynthesis is the most effective the spectra of the peak at 450 nm, 660 nm and 730 nm band of plant flowering induction the three sections of the spectrum is given priority to, again to add a few 525 nm green and below 380 nm ultraviolet band, the several kinds of spectrum according to the different requirements of the plant and create the most suitable combination of the spectrum.

1.2 SUNLIKE(imitation sunlight spectrum), represented by Seoul Semiconductor and Samsung, is called full spectrum in the industry, achieving full coverage of plant demand spectrum. Many experts in the industry very agree with this approach, this spectrum may not be the most efficient, but it must be error-free, and the cost is much lower than the monochromatic light combination scheme, easy to be accepted by the market.

1.3 Take advantage of the combination of scheme 1 and Scheme 2. At present, several companies in the industry have adopted this combination scheme, which mainly focuses on full-spectrum white light and adds 660nm red light to improve the spectral efficiency. This scheme is more economical and practical, and should have a larger market for some time to come.

With the improvement of intelligent control technology, the application of Internet of things, road lighting, home lighting has started toward the development of intelligent control, plant lighting optical quality, and the light can be real-time control the complex needs of more intense, so when the monochromatic spectrum and intelligent control system to realize control, electric, according to plant growth status timely adjust the light quality, and the light output is bound to become the main trend of the future plant lighting technology development.



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