Small to micro installation standard

Small to micro installation standard

  • 2020-11-20
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Small to micro installation standard

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  • 2020-11-20
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The installation of each connection of the smart lamp pole is a very important link in the construction, which is related to the stability of the connection between the smart lamp pole elements, but also related to the safety of the whole rod body, a slight mistake will become tofu project, its importance is evident.
In the standards issued around this time, the installation standards for smart lamp pole connections have made clear provisions. Flange bolts should be used to connect the signal lights on the arm. For large scale signs, the card should be connected with the arm and the card slot, and the rest of the equipment should be installed through the card slot and connection pieces.

See here, carefully understand the wisdom of the light pole standards issued by the friends should be confused, local standards are similar to little difference, why not make a unified national standard?

First of all, seemingly different standards in different places are actually the same in design principle. The design and installation goal of smart lamp posts is always to integrate scattered information for unified management, thus creating smart cities, smart parks and other projects. This goal is the primary consideration in any standard specification, that is, whether it can contribute to the realization of integrating information. So, in that sense, these standards are unified.



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