The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

  • 2020-11-23
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The social benefits brought by intelligent lighting system

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  • 2020-11-23
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Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting system is more intelligent and convenient in lighting control. Intelligent lighting system USES a variety of intelligent control, such as timing, remote, centralized management and other ways of lights and lights switch, brightness and other functions for management, so as to achieve energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent effect.

1. Intelligent lighting system adopts centralized and distributed control monitoring mode to improve the real-time performance of street lamp control. The system supports the switch of any street lamp in the control area according to the needs of seasons, climate and special holidays, to improve the consistency of lighting, and to avoid the waste of electricity caused by the clock controller's inaccurate time or out of control, so as to achieve timely and appropriate lighting.

2. After the intelligent lighting system is adopted, the brightness, temperature, voltage, current, power and power factor of each lamp can be detected and controlled, and fed back to the control center in a timely manner, so that the operation and management personnel can know the situation of turning on and off the lamps without leaving the house, and master the working status of the lamps in real time.



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