Why not set a national standard?

Why not set a national standard?

  • 2020-11-28
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Why not set a national standard?

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  • 2020-11-28
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First of all, seemingly different standards in different places are actually the same in design principle. The design and installation goal of smart lamp posts is always to integrate scattered information for unified management, thus creating smart cities, smart parks and other projects. This goal is the primary consideration in any standard specification, that is, whether it can contribute to the realization of integrating information. So, in that sense, these standards are unified.

However, formally speaking, we should take into account that the situation is different from place to place, including the climatic conditions, historical conditions and even cultural conditions of each region. From a market perspective, this means that the needs of each region are different. Larger wind in coastal region, for example, high air humidity, wind resistance and corrosion resistance of light pole have different requirements, the same material of light pole, in wuhan, such as the central region may be no problem, can use a few decades, but on our jiangnan water may soon be rusty, can only use 10 years, that is because the humidity is higher in the jiangnan region and central region, for corrosion resistance requirements of the light pole is different, so from that perspective, the wisdom light pole to cross-regional unified standard.

In addition, from the selection of light pole, different formative lamp standard applied by the scene is different, so different modelling the wisdom of the materials needed to natural light pole is not the same, such as building area used by wisdom light pole often modelling is singular, rod body structure is more complex, the requirement to the material will be relatively a bit higher, while in the wisdom of the municipal roads need light pole style is unified, material also is used in the conventional materials. In this regard, the standard of intelligent lamppost is also different in different usage scenarios.



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