Application analysis of LED lighting in cold region

Application analysis of LED lighting in cold region

  • 2020-11-30
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Application analysis of LED lighting in cold region

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  • 2020-11-30
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After 10 years or so of rapid development, LED lighting has entered the rapid promotion stage, the market application from the initial southern region gradually to the Midwest penetration and expansion. However, in the practical application, we find that good outdoor lighting products used in the south are tested new in the north, especially in northeast China and Xinjiang province. In this paper, by analyzing some key factors affecting LED lighting in cold environment, corresponding solutions are found, and the advantages of LED light source are finally brought into play.

I. Advantages of LED lighting in cold environment
Compared with incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps, LED components work much better at low temperatures, or even better at optical performance than at room temperature. This is closely related to the temperature characteristics of LED devices. Figure 1 shows the temperature and relative light output curve of a brand of high-power LED devices. It can be seen that with the decrease of junction temperature, the luminous flux of the luminance will increase relatively. According to the law of heat dissipation of lamps, junction temperature is closely related to ambient temperature. The lower the ambient temperature, the lower the junction temperature is bound to be. In addition, we can see from Figure 2 that the reduction of junction temperature can also reduce the light decay process of LED light source and delay the service life of lamps, which is also the characteristic of most electronic components.

Ii. Difficulties and countermeasures of LED lighting in the cold environment
Although LED itself has more advantages in cold conditions, it cannot be ignored that, in addition to light source, LED lamps are closely related to driving power, light body materials, fog days, strong UV and other weather factors in cold environment, which all bring new challenges and troubles to the application of this new light source. Only by understanding these constraints and finding corresponding solutions can we give full play to the advantages of LED light sources and shine brilliantly in the cold environment.



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