The composition of the wisdom street lamp

The composition of the wisdom street lamp

  • 2020-12-01
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The composition of the wisdom street lamp

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  • 2020-12-01
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Major cities have vigorously promoted the concept of smart city and carried out many street lamp transformation projects. At present, most cities adopt the scheme of upgrading old lights and there are few practical cases of building new smart street lamps. Therefore, the research on the industrial design of smart street lamps has good practical significance. In order to meet various needs in urban roads, smart street lamps mainly include 12 components, such as lighting application, intelligent control, security monitoring and so on.
1.1 Lighting Application
The lamp holder of intelligent street lamp has the design of single lamp holder, double lamp holder and multi-lamp holder. According to different road types, double lamp holder design can also be divided into installation machine non-separation belt and central separation belt two kinds, the former USES a high low lamp holder design, the latter USES symmetrical lamp holder design.
In addition, the lamp cap modeling design and urban planning concept echo, common design styles have the imitation of animals, flowers bionic design, modern simple style, Chinese style style, or with local cultural characteristics. In addition to the modeling design, you can also customize RGB atmosphere light, enrich the lighting effect, beautify the city.

1.2 Intelligent control
Contains sensors that move light intelligent control technology (such as the human body infrared induction open to turn off the lights, according to the time of sunrise and sunset light, etc.), also can be used to control system can be either a group of street lamp lights, all the way or custom remote control switch, may at any time inquires the street lamp switch state, brightness, current, voltage, power, life, use disorders such as data. Intelligent control technology can help cities improve lighting quality and save electricity.



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