The composition of the wisdom street lamp

The composition of the wisdom street lamp

  • 2020-12-01
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The composition of the wisdom street lamp

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  • 2020-12-01
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1.3 Security monitoring
During the rush hour, heavy traffic has become a normal condition. Cameras installed on smart street lamps can monitor the traffic flow of vehicles, instantly generate the traffic flow status of vehicles at various times, and plan appropriate routes to relieve road pressure.
In addition, it can also cooperate with security inspection to identify pedestrians' faces, track and locate them, and reduce the crime rate. Monitoring and providing safety assistance to special groups; Conduct security prevention or warning (such as lane occupation, manhole cover monitoring, fence crossing, etc.), detect illegal parking, and provide image records according to behavior pattern analysis.

1.4 Environmental Monitoring
Equipped with meteorological or environmental monitoring components, smart lamp posts can collect data on the environmental conditions of cities, including water accumulation, air quality, soil humidity, noise pollution, air pressure, PM2.5, light intensity, wind speed and wind direction, etc., to help build a green, safe and livable city.

1.5 Emergency call
Intelligent street lamps can also integrate emergency call and rescue system: in case of emergency, the public can use emergency alarm and visual intercom system, through the function of one-button help, can quickly connect to the safety management department, to provide people with better and safer information and protection.



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