Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

  • 2020-12-02
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Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

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  • 2020-12-02
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The information release
Smart street lamps can also integrate multimedia screens, public broadcasting and other modules, release political and public service news, find people, etc., and also provide advertising space for merchants. It can also integrate built-in speakers to broadcast city broadcasts, fire broadcasts, weather conditions, etc. The advantage of the multimedia screen is that it can replace the traditional flagpole public welfare and commercial advertising posters, real-time remote control, easy to release and management.

Equipment maintenance
Smart street lamp management system can detect fault equipment, change the past only rely on manual on-site regulation and inspection of fault, greatly save manpower and maintenance costs, help to arrange staff accurate maintenance, improve the efficiency of maintenance.

5 g micro base station
5 g era is coming, the base station will play an indispensable role, around every corner in the city the wisdom of the street lamp, become the best in the installation of micro base station public facilities, through the base station of gathering on street light equipment, the future whether 5 g network, the use of the Internet of things or provided to the citizens of wi-fi hot spots will be quite convenient value-added services, realizing a complete coverage of the network, driving regional economy.

Traffic indicating equipment
Intelligent street lamps can integrate traffic lights, road signs, road signs, signal lights and other traffic indicating equipment to manage traffic and indicate driving direction to ensure smooth road and traffic safety, without re-installation of poles.

Urban decoration
Smart lamp posts can also be matched with other decorative pendants, such as bonsai, chairs, festival decorations and other pendants, to render the urban atmosphere and beautify the city.



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