Key points of intelligent street lamp industrial design

Key points of intelligent street lamp industrial design

  • 2020-12-02
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Key points of intelligent street lamp industrial design

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  • 2020-12-02
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Cultural characteristics
In order to adapt to the local characteristics, culture and history of different cities, designers need to refine the local cultural characteristics, integrate them into the design of smart street lamps, find a new balance between innovation and tradition, and convey the unique beauty of cities to people. The exterior design styles of smart street lamps are diverse, which can be divided into Chinese traditional style, Chinese modern style, bionic style and modern simple style.

Chinese traditional style is mainly inspired by traditional architectural gardens and traditional auspicious pattern design elements, such as the extraction of roof, small carving, doors and Windows, tiles, mortise and tenon/dougong structure characteristic lines as decorative elements for street lamps. In terms of exterior color, mahogany color and bright red color are often used. Wisdom street lamps of Traditional Chinese style are mostly used in residential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares and other places.

The design technique of Chinese modern style is based on traditional elements, abstract its modeling lines, retain design features in details, and adopt more modern silver and black. This kind of intelligent street lamps are mostly used in urban arterial roads, greenways, landscape avenues, branches and other places.

Stylist still can get inspiration from the flowers and plants of nature, animal, modelling is more concrete, adornment effect is good, wait like horn, flower branch, petal, dolphin, butterfly and mythological animal. This kind of intelligent street lamp is mostly used in courtyards, scenic spots, parks, squares, urban greenways and other places.

The modern simple style is relatively simple and smooth in modeling lines, and there are no redundant decorative elements on the whole. Moreover, most of the products have black, white and gray colors, which can be integrated with the city. There is also no lack of color surface treatment, appear more vibrant city.



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