Light customization adds value to design

Light customization adds value to design

  • 2020-12-03
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Light customization adds value to design

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  • 2020-12-03
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At the China LED Lighting Conference, a well-known listed company launched different types of lighting products, such as ecological light, rhythmic light, sleep light and focus light, which promoted health lighting to a new level. At the same time, as a well-known listed company, its understanding of health lighting and even light health is still at the basic stage of no strobe, no glare and less blue light.

In fact, for the healthy development of light, we believe that there are at least three stages: the first stage is to achieve no strobe and no glare; The second stage is to achieve rhythmic human illumination by combining human science with sunlight or natural light. The third stage is to have a thorough understanding of the light code, master the light formula, and make reasonable use of the light intelligent technology, so as to achieve customized lighting for different people, different times and different places.

There is no doubt that for a good designer, custom lighting is the direction to pursue. However, how to achieve scientific and reasonable light customization? How to use light customization to increase the value of design works? Worthy of serious consideration in the design world.
We found that many people have a different understanding of health lighting and light health. Designers are no exception. Up to now, still have a lot of stylist to think so called "light custom", use different lamps and lanterns namely, shape different shadow, make the light space with shade, shade, uneven.



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