Why do traffic lights use red, yellow and green?

Why do traffic lights use red, yellow and green?

  • 2020-12-09
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Why do traffic lights use red, yellow and green?

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  • 2020-12-09
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The functional structure of human vision
The human retina contains rods, which are sensitive to yellow light, and three cones, which are sensitive to red, green and blue light, respectively. As a result, humans can easily distinguish between red and green. Although yellow and blue are also distinguishable, the eye itself has fewer photoreceptors for blue light and is not used for safety reasons.

People's psychological response to color

Red is the color most strongly associated with people and is often used to represent prohibition or danger. And red light penetrates deeply, making it easy to see on cloudy days when it rains or fogs. Yellow is a kind of downy warm color, can bring the visual effect that a kind slows down, buffer to the person, have the effect that indicates a person to wait. And green belongs to the cool color system, can calm the heart, and often represents security, peace, so it can represent the passage.



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