What is the difference between co-yin/co-yang LED display?

What is the difference between co-yin/co-yang LED display?

  • 2020-12-10
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What is the difference between co-yin/co-yang LED display?

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  • 2020-12-10
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2. What's the difference between co-yin/co-yang LED display?
. Different modes of power supply:
The power supply mode of common Yin is that the current passes through the lamp bead first and then to the IC negative pole, making the forward pressure drop smaller and the conduction internal resistance smaller.
The common Yang is the current flowing from the PCB to the lamp bead, providing a unified power supply to R, G and B(red, green and blue), which leads to a larger forward voltage drop of the circuit.

Different power supply voltage:
It provides a current and voltage to R, G, and B(red, green, and blue) separately. Red, green and blue light beads have different requirements on voltage. The voltage of red light beads is required to be about 2.8V, while that of blue green light beads is about 3.8V. In this way, accurate power supply can be achieved with less power consumption, and the heat generated by LED display during work is much lower.
And Yang, is the R, G, B (red, green, blue) to give a higher than 3.8 V voltage (5 V, for example) unified power supply, and the red, green, and blue to get 5 V voltage are unified, but these three light red, green, and blue beads to one of the most preferred working voltage is much lower than 5 V, according to the formula of power P = UI, in under the condition of same current, the higher the voltage, the higher the power, that is, the greater the power consumption at the same time, the LED display will product more heat in the work.



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