electromagnetic compatiblity EMC

electromagnetic compatiblity EMC

  • 2020-12-15
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electromagnetic compatiblity EMC

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  • 2020-12-15
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Electromagnetic compatibility refers to the equipment or system in the common electromagnetic environment can work normally and do not constitute anything in the environment can not withstand the electromagnetic interference ability.
Emi waves generally have two propagation paths and should be evaluated according to each path. One is to transmit to the power line with a long wavelength frequency band and to interfere with the emission area, generally below 30MHz. This kind of long wavelength frequency is less than one wavelength within the length range of the power cord attached to the electronic equipment, and the amount of radiation to space is also very small. Therefore, the voltage occurring on the LED power cord can be mastered, and the amount of interference can be fully assessed. This kind of noise is called conductive noise.

When the frequency reaches above 30MHz, the wavelength will also become shorter. At this time, if only the noise source voltage occurring in the power line is evaluated, it is inconsistent with the actual interference. Therefore, a method for evaluating the size of the noise by directly measuring the interference waves propagating into space is used, and the noise is called radiated noise.
The methods for measuring the radiated noise include the direct measurement of the interference wave in the propagating space according to the intensity of the electric field and the measurement of the power leakage into the power line.



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