Electromagnetic compatibility tests include the following:

Electromagnetic compatibility tests include the following:

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Electromagnetic compatibility tests include the following:

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Magnetic field sensitivity
(disturbance immunity) the degree of undesired response of a device, subsystem, or system to electromagnetic radiation exposure. The lower the sensitivity level, the higher the sensitivity and the worse the disturbance immunity. Including fixed frequency, peak-peak magnetic field test.
Electrostatic discharge sensitivity
The transfer of charge caused by the proximity or direct contact of objects with different electrostatic potentials. Pf capacitor charging to 15000 v, 300 through 500 Ω resistance discharge. Can be out of tolerance, but put after normal. After testing, data transfer, storage can not be lost.
LED power transient sensitivity
Including peak sensitivity (0.5 s, 10 s2 times), voltage transient sensitivity (10% ~ 30%, 30S recovery), frequency transient sensitivity (5% ~ 10%, 30S recovery).
Radiation sensitivity
A measurement of the radiation interference field that causes the equipment to degrade. (14kHz ~ 1GHz, electric field intensity is 1V/M).
Conduction sensitivity
When causing an unwanted response or performance degradation of the device.
Measurement of interference signals or voltages on power supply, control or signal lines (30Hz ~ 50kHz/3V, 50kHz ~ 400MHz/1V).
Non-working state magnetic field interference
Packing case 4.6m, magnetic flux density less than 0.525 T; 0.9 m, 0.525 mu T.
Working state magnetic field interference
Upper, lower, left and right AC flux densities less than 0.5mT.
Conducts interference that propagates along a conductor. 10kHz ~ 30MHz, 60(48)dB V.
Pet-radiation interference: transmitted through space in the form of electromagnetic waves



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