Detail visible light communication technology

Detail visible light communication technology

  • 2020-12-22
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Detail visible light communication technology

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  • 2020-12-22
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Visible light communication, as the name implies, transmits signals wirelessly via modulation and demodulation. According to relevant reports, it is mainly the use of semiconductor lighting (LED) light to achieve "light can be connected to the Internet" new high-speed data transmission technology. Visible light communication technology is green and low-carbon, which can realize near-zero energy consumption communication, and can effectively avoid the leakage of electromagnetic signal and other weaknesses of radio communication, so as to quickly build an anti-interference and anti-interception security information space.

Wu Jiangxing, an expert in China's information field and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was quoted in many media reports as saying: At present, the world has a lighting network consisting of about 44 billion lamps, and tens of billions of LED lighting equipment will be integrated with other equipment to build a huge visible light communication network. Can imagine, after a massive visible light communication in the future to realize each lamp can be as a high-speed network hot spots, people waiting for the bus under the street lamp can download films, on the plane, high iron can also use the LED light source wireless high-speed Internet access, meet the car interior network, Internet, networking, industrial 4.0, secure payment, the wisdom city, national defense communications, weapons and equipment, electromagnetic sensitive areas such as network terminal wireless communication requirements, provide a new cheap Internet + access method.

Jiang-xing wu also predicted that in the coming decades, information transmission will be beyond the bearing capacity of existing radio spectrum, visible light communication technology can effectively break through the dilemma of the serious lack of the radio spectrum resources, is one of the next generation wireless communication technology has a broad application prospect, can form a trillion-dollar annual output value of the strategic emerging industries.



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