Spain's largest ICU equipped with spectrally tuned illumination

Spain's largest ICU equipped with spectrally tuned illumination

  • 2020-04-21
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Spain's largest ICU equipped with spectrally tuned illumination

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  • 2020-04-21
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According to reports, the advanced ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Barcelona Hospital in Spain is equipped with spectrally tuned illumination, and its spectral output can be adjusted to match the natural daylight.


It is reported that the equipment of Barcelona Vall dHebron Hospital uses 7 LED light engines, which span the visible range and have no gap in spectral power distribution.


The flat spectral curve is achieved by careful combination of unipolar LEDs and phosphor-converted LEDs, while wavelength drift is compensated by feedback from the on-board spectroradiometer.


According to the news, Meritxell Carreras scientists have developed human-induced lighting fixtures designed to dynamically simulate sunlight, while human-induced lighting can theoretically be individually adjusted to match any spectral feature. It is reported that Meritxell Carreras is also the CEO of Barcelona Ledmotive.


Dr. Ricard Ferrer, head of the ICU at Barcelona Hospital, said that when serious problems like cardiac arrest occur, the ICU can provide professionals with the right care for their patients.


All patient information is connected to the smart display and hospital staff can monitor progress on the display. At the same time, blue lights are installed in front of the patient's ward. If they are about to enter a critical state, the blue light will issue a warning and the door will automatically open for the relevant personnel to enter.


In addition, the "smart bed" in the ICU is also connected to a smart display that transmits information such as the patient's weight, movements and posture, so they don't stay too long for a long time, and they also issue a fall warning.


According to reports, this ICU replaces the previous ward, expanding 3,500 square meters and providing 56 separate spaces for patients. It is the largest intensive care unit in Spain with a budget of 20 million euros.

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