LED fresh light irradiation can extend the best color degree of meat products time

LED fresh light irradiation can extend the best color degree of meat products time

  • 2020-04-22
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LED fresh light irradiation can extend the best color degree of meat products time

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  • 2020-04-22
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In this article, Samantha Kneeskern, a researcher with the U.S. Animal Science Group, describes how lighting effects can make cow meat more attractive or uninteresting. In the fresh supermarket, cow meat is a very sought-after protein products. The actual observation of beef sales in the supermarket, the cattle meat accounted for Liu Cheng Si. When consumers choose beef minced meat, they often value the color of meat. A good cow mince, the color looks like a cherry-like bright red. Once the flesh color of the darkened pig meat is dim, consumers usually do not buy it. The latter are not sold at a discount, or they are reimbursed meat products in the $ 1 billion lost by the U.S. supermarket every year.


cow meat in different light comparison

As there is no way to extend the best color degree of meat time? Recently, Gide Cooper, an assistant in meat science research at the University of Missouri, and his colleagues recently observed the impact of supermarket lights on the color of beef ground meat. Relevant research publications were published in the October issue of Animal Science to discuss the effects of fresh light Effects of lighting on the production of meat myoglobin (a protein that promotes meat pigmentation) and lipid oxidation.

In general, retailers use daylight lamps, but studies have consistently shown that daylighting increases the temperature of the meat and makes the meat more susceptible to discoloration. In contrast, Carlo Lawlands, another author of the article, mentions that LED lamps have a lower penetration rate due to cost. According to the US Department of Energy data show that the current use of LED fresh light only 5%, but by 2035 the utilization rate will increase to 85%, this change will also reduce the energy consumption rate of 75%.

For the purpose of comparison, studies were conducted on changes in color, myoglobin, lipid oxidation and the like of beef burger with 5% and 25% fat content placed in fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and non-illuminated fresh showcases, respectively Experiment, and fixed in an odd number of days to remove the meat for testing.

No doubt, no matter what kind of lighting, as long as stay in the display cabinet, the degree of discoloration of meat will be exacerbated. Observed daily, one can see that the hamburger steaks without lighting display cabinets last longer than fresh hamburger steaks in other lighting showcases. Another observation of the other two cabinets, to the fifth day, it is interesting is that the LED light under the Hamburg row of color and fluorescent light than the control group came bright red.

Laurence pointed out that in the general case of supply and demand, cattle grilled on the shelf for less than four days. In the experiment, the arrangement of the hamburger for up to seven days was only intended to adequately analyze all the possible changes from the meat to the last minute of the life cycle. As the photo shows, the difference between the color changes of meat is found on the fifth day.

Cow meat fat content is also one of the parameters that affect the experiment. In the first, three, seven days to remove the Hamburg row can be found, no matter what kind of light, the fat content of 25% compared to the Hamburg row less bloody. When consumers buy beef shreds, it is important to know that the portion of red meat that contains higher amounts of fat is relatively light and therefore looks lighter in color.

To sum up the above, Lolanz believes that the selection of LED lights show fresh ground beef is the preferred choice. At present, the University of Missouri team also took part of the muscles in the ground meat to do similar comparative experiments to verify whether the experimental results will be the same as the above comparative experimental observations.

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