City lights, iterations between light and shade

City lights, iterations between light and shade

  • 2021-03-27
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City lights, iterations between light and shade

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  • 2021-03-27
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In recent years, various kinds of lighting technologies have been updated and used in a wide range of applications, but what makes professionals more concerned is the light pollution caused by "LED media screens".
At night in the city, media screens of all sizes flicker and roll. According to research, fast refresh media screen is very harmful to human health. It not only stimulates human visual system, but also has a significant impact on melatonin secretion, mental health, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, etc. It will also destroy the ecological environment for animals and plants to rest and cause large areas of light pollution in cities.
But the difficulty with the media screen is that each screen is a complex art form. What area, how high brightness, in what position, what color, at how much speed refresh, different factors of the stimulus intensity and degree of harm is not the same.
Ms. Holloch, a professor at Tongji University and vice president of the International Council on Illumination, said her team of doctoral students had already done some research. For example, taking 10 kinds of light colors commonly seen in night environment as the research object, emotional comfort assessment and visual comfort assessment were conducted in the laboratory environment respectively for brightness (a total of 5 levels), dynamic (a total of 2 categories ×5 levels). It wasn't that the slower the screen was, the higher the comfort level. A considerable number of subjects had poor comfort when they were "too slow" or "too fast", but their acceptability was better when they were at medium speed. However, the specific value range of this "medium speed" remains to be further refined.

"For the world, the media screen is a new field, a new topic of urban management." Holloxy said that most of the world's cities are still using the past advertising standards for management, technical indicators lag far behind, almost all the world is lack of detailed management standards for LED media screens.
Realizing that the new problems are becoming more and more prominent, the Shanghai Illuminating Association, together with the relevant departments of Shanghai, has been preparing to issue standards and documents related to media screens, which is a national initiative, but quite difficult.

Source: China Lighting Network

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