Solar LED street lighting system

Solar LED street lighting system

  • 2020-04-24
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Solar LED street lighting system

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  • 2020-04-24
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 Solar LED street lamp program

Solar LED street lights consist of solar cells (physically referred to as PV photovoltaic, PV), wind turbines, storage batteries, controllers, inverters, LED street lights, mounting brackets and lamps Rod and other components, according to the structure combination is divided into wind and solar, complementary and independent electricity and other types.

Affected by the distribution density of solar radiation, light time, continuous cloudy and snowy weather and other factors, the PV or battery capacity is usually calculated accurately, using wind and solar power or complementary to ensure the project lighting needs.

Qingdao Tonghui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. through years of project experience, research and development of independent solar LED lights shown, the product is not subject to geographical constraints and the impact of electrical installation conditions, do not need to excavation pavement buried pipe construction, PV Can be adjusted according to the geographical location of the installation, battery and controller into the box fixed to the pole, the controller can also be installed in the bottom of the pole inspection port and battery buried.


Check the current standards in our country, the safety of solar LED street lamp shall comply with GB 24460-2009 "General Specifications of Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Device" standard, the overall structure has sufficient strength to withstand 10 wind load test, the protection level of not less than IP54,4m The height of the pole should have good lightning protection and grounding protection measures, the grounding resistance should be less than 30 Ω, live body and metal parts between the insulation resistance should be greater than 2 MΩ, the box should be designed to use special tools to open the structure.

In the product design or determine the program, the components should meet the requirements of the appropriate national standards, no corresponding national standards should be IEC standards, industry standards, coalition standards or corporate standards required to ensure product safety and performance standards.

PV should be consistent with GB / T 9535-2006 "ground with crystalline silicon photovoltaic module design identification and stereotypes" standard requirements, fixed-type valve-regulated lead-acid batteries should be consistent with the corresponding requirements of GB / T 19638 series of standards, general valve-regulated lead-acid batteries Should meet the corresponding requirements of GB / T 19639 series of standards, the controller and inverter should meet the GB / T 26849-2011 "performance requirements for solar photovoltaic lighting control" standard requirements, LED lights should meet the GB 7000.1 and GB 7000.5 standards , Poles and mounting brackets and other components should be consistent with GB 24460-2009 standard 6.5 requirements.

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