the lighting project of Wanda Square in Lichang Distrct

the lighting project of Wanda Square in Lichang Distrct

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the lighting project of Wanda Square in Lichang Distrct

(Summary description)the lighting project of Wanda Square in Lichang Distrct ------by Tonghui lighting Technology Co.,ltd

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Licang wanda plaza is located in the center of licang district, east of heilongjiang middle road, west of qingyin expressway, north bank of licun river and south of zhonglao road. It is the third city of Qingdao wanda after taitung wanda plaza and CBD wanda plaza.

Floor area: 310,000 square meters

Building area :1470000 square meters

Have to wanda plaza dominated modern business district in central litsun center, is a collection of the large shopping mall, indoor and outdoor pedestrian street and high quality residential, apartments, office buildings, amorous feelings of the community business street and so on modern commercial and residential morphology in the integration of super large, international city, is the third generation of wanda group an upgraded version of commercial real estate.

Will have to wanda plaza commercial real estate and the new urban residential patterns clever fusion, in the nearly 20 square meters of commercial center covers including department stores, studios, KTV, large supermarket chains, amusement parks, restaurants, home appliance sells, indoor leisure shopping, dining pedestrian street and other commercial elements, is the Qingdao CBD wanda plaza, upgrade products, combination with larger scale, more abundant, will greatly improve the licang district after the completion of the business environment, as a new commercial center in Qingdao.

Licang wanda plaza is initially planned to cover an area of about 470 mu with a total floor area of about 1.1 million square meters.The first phase has an above-ground construction area of 480,000 square meters, with a large commercial center, an indoor and outdoor pedestrian street, a large residential community and a commercial street in a custom community.Available properties include 26,000 square meters of golden street shops, 300,000 square meters of high-quality housing, 28,000 square meters of residential floor businesses, and 1,700 underground parking Spaces.At present, the construction of the project has been started. It is planned to start the sales of shops and residential products in the first half of 2012. The business center is planned to open at the end of 2012.

Most of the golden street for one tow two two-storey shops, the area range of 30-160 square meters;The residential family area is 85-143 square meters, and the building form is a 30-story high-rise flat. The specific family type is 85 square meters, 90 square meters and 100 square meters for two bedrooms, and 90 square meters, 110 square meters, 135 square meters and 143 square meters for three bedrooms.

The transportation around licang wanda plaza project is convenient. It is close to qingyin expressway, heilongjiang road (formerly national highway 308), jinshui road, jiushui road and other urban main roads. It is also close to the bus hub of licun park.The project is adjacent to laoshan scenic area and binhai avenue in the east, within 5 kilometers from the north railway station and the bridge to the west, and about 15 minutes from liuting international airport in the north.The project is surrounded by schools, Banks, shopping malls, post offices, hospitals and other supporting facilities, which will become the most livable and living area in licang district.

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