Current State of Traditional Lighting Market in China

Current State of Traditional Lighting Market in China

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Current State of Traditional Lighting Market in China

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 Yansheng Chen, President of China Association of Lighting Industry, stated that in general, the development of the traditional lighting industry in China is still stable. Although the overseas export of lighting products in 1H11 saw a decline compared to 1H10, the growth momentum begins to rebound in 3Q11. However, the financial performances of the companies differ depending on the types of products they manufacture.


     For example, the bans against incandescent lights in other countries greatly benefit the Chinese incandescent light makers. The bans cause the manufacturers of other countries to terminate their incandescent light production and the consumers to stock. Hence, the incandescent light industry in China is booming more than ever.


     In addition, halogen lamp makers also benefit from the bans against incandescent lights, because many consumers replace incandescent lights with halogen lamps and even equip the halogen lamps with the shell of incandescent light bulbs, making them more like traditional light bulbs.


     As for the fluorescent lamps, due to the rise of rare earth prices, the manufacturers raise the prices of the lamps. The price increase was not received well by most clients, which in turn caused a dip in China’s fluorescent lamp overseas export in 1H11. The downturn persists until 3Q11.

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