How to Choose JC/JCD Style LED Light Bulb

How to Choose JC/JCD Style LED Light Bulb

  • 2020-04-29
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How to Choose JC/JCD Style LED Light Bulb

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  • 2020-04-29
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AS a LED light manufacturer, we can provide a range of LED light knowledge.

1. What is JC/JCD light bulbs?

JC/JCD LED light bulbs are small bulbs that have bi-pin on their base, widely applied Ambry lighting, kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, under-counter lights and accent lighting.

What is G4 light bulbs? (G4 Base - 4mm Between Pins)

What is G9 light bulbs? (the Halogen JCD Type G9 Base)

Wht is GY6.35 light bulbs?  (GY6.35 Base - 6.35mm Between Pins)


2. How to choose right JC/JCD G4/G9/GY6.35 LED light bulbs?

A.What voltage is your JC/JCD halogen lamp?

Fristly, You should know your halogen lamp voltage, such as

G4 12V DC input

G4 12V AC/DC

G9 120V AC

G9  230V AC

GY6.35 12V DC

GY6.35 12V AC/DC

There are some special specifications: GY6.35 24V AC/DC, G9 12V AC/DC.


B. what wattage is your JC/JCD halogen lamp?

Fristly, you should know your halogen lamp wattage. such as 25W,35W,50W,75W halogen lamp.

we can recommend right LED replacement light bulbs.

For examples: Using LED replacement lamp to 35-Watt T4 Clear Quartz Halogen Light Bulb

How many wattage LED light bulbs can replace halogen lamp? we need know Efficacy(lm/w)


C. Efficacy(lm/w)
Efficacy is defined as the ratio of total luminous flux to the total power, that is lumens per watt, higher efficacy means more energy saving.


D. What color Temperature do you need?
Color Temperature refers to the color of light bulbs in terms of degree kelvin.
As color temperature rises, color changes from red to orange to white and to blue.

More information, You can click here: Color Temperature.


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