Luminous Flux is most important for LED light bulb

Luminous Flux is most important for LED light bulb

  • 2020-04-29
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Luminous Flux is most important for LED light bulb

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  • 2020-04-29
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As we know, the luminous efficacy of traditional light sources like incandescent bulbs is approximately 11-12 LM/W. In other words, one 40W incandescent bulb should have a luminosity of at least 450lm. In areas such as United States, Europe and Japan, the substitution of traditional light sources with LED illumination must meet certain requirements, one of which that the luminosity of LED bulbs has to be between 450 and 485lm. Therefore, a survey of LED bulbs currently on the market reveals unsurprisingly that advertisements for many products state that they can replace traditional 40W bulbs.

The luminous flux is the part of the power which is perceived as light by the human eye

many LED light bulbs on the market indicate that they are able to replace the 40W-60W incandescent light bulbs, but are they really able to replace incandescent light bulbs in terms of luminous flux? Based on the comparative survey of LEDinside,luminous flux is a key factor.

some vendors’ LED light bulbs indeed reach 450lm, but some vendors’ regrettably do not.

Philips     470Lumen,8W
GE          450Lumen,9W
Sharp     485Lumen,7.8W
Toshiba  485Lumen,7.2W
LG           485Lumen,7.5W
Samsung  320Lumen,4.4W
Osram      450Lumen,8W

EcoSmart     430lumen  8.6W
LEDON         400lumen  6W
Feit Electric  360lumen  6.5W

For European and American lighting manufacturers like Philips and GE, Philips’ 8W Master LEDbulb and GE’s 8W Model No. 62180 LED bulb met this requirement with luminous flux of 470 lm and 450 lm.

For Japanese manufacturers, known for their diligence and meticulous work, both Toshiba’s 7.2W LDA7L and Sharp’s 7.8W DL-LA42L met the 485 lm standard, complying with Japan Electric Lamp Manufacturers Association’s guideline specifications.

Choice of LED light bulbs for the sake of energy saving should base on not only whether it is an adequate replacement for 40W incandescent light bulb but also its luminous flux.

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