The art of light - crystal chandeliers

The art of light - crystal chandeliers

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The art of light - crystal chandeliers

(Summary description)The art of light - crystal chandeliers

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Qingday Tonghui Lighting Technology Co.,ltd undertake the outdoor lighting and indoor lighting decoration project of a1-8 building of Qingdao academician port.After a period of efforts, we have completed the design and installation of indoor art lanterns in building a1-8, academician port.The whole a1-8 building project of academician port USES a total of 44 sets of crystal chandeliers with artistic lights.In order to echo the whole academician Hong Kong building decoration, we also use some special crystal shape and arrangement.Through different light reflection and refraction, create a magnificent, high-end, elegant effect.

Whole crystal droplight, the artificial crystal that USES high-quality material to pledge, reduced the bearing of canopy already, reduced the use cost of droplight again.Use different lighting effects at the same time.High luminous flux, ensure the lighting and daily use of the building.And constantly changing to create a kind of dreamlike effect.


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