Energy-efficient hotel lighting design

Energy-efficient hotel lighting design

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Energy-efficient hotel lighting design

(Summary description)Energy-efficient hotel lighting design

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Qingdao Yuxuanyi Economical Hotel is located in Qingdao beautiful laoshan district nine waterways.Qingdao tonghui lighting technology co., ltd. undertook the whole hotel's indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, building lighting, facade lighting decoration and building lighting design work.The hotel is a economical hotel.Everything is given priority to with economy and practice.In order to ensure the implementation of this concept, we specially designed a set of economic, environmental protection, energy saving lamp installation project for the customer in the early stage of construction.

  • Outdoor LED waterproof line light, sheath wire, PVC pipe a total of more than 3000 sets

Indoor intelligent induction spotlights + down lights design.Induction lamps and lanterns compared with general lamps and lanterns, the cost is relatively expensive, but win in the service life is long, unit energy consumption is low.Together with inductive design, it can sense human activities intelligently.When the light comes on, the light goes out.Both ensure the use of the user.And for the hotel and other users to save unnecessary electricity losses.Save daily expenses for customers.


  • Indoor induction down lights, spotlights a total of more than 500 sets

Outdoor waterproof lighting project.On the basis of uniformity, our design highlights the customer's personality.For outdoor lighting.Daily waterproofing is a very difficult task.This index decided the service life of outdoor lamps and lanterns.Due to the particularity of outdoor lamps and lanterns, once installed daily maintenance work is very difficult.Therefore, we especially use high quality, high waterproof outdoor lamps and lanterns, not only to ensure the lamp life, and for users to save maintenance costs.Kill many birds with one stone.


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