Lights Illuminate Life

Lights Illuminate Life

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Lights Illuminate Life

(Summary description)Lights illuminate life - shopping center lighting project

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Yue hui Mosaic fashion shopping center - - yue hui Qingdao in the north district of the people's road business circle.As shibei the latest shopping center, in Qingdao, one of the most densely populated region to fill the 450000 residents of shopping, dining, entertainment, parent-child major requirements, project with a total area of 73000 square meters, the whole business area is divided into five layers, including fashion goods, modern times, parent-child paradise, food, fitness, light food, such as multiple formats.As the only commercial real estate project built on the subway in shibei district, it is seamlessly connected with the subway line 1. 

Qingdao  Tonghui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the outdoor lighting of Qingdao yue-hui fashion shopping center, as well as the lighting projects of the shopping mall, exhibition area and central lobby.

  • The whole outdoor lighting, through the use of different angles of high-quality waterproof spotlights, projectiles, wall washing lights, etc

  • The interior of the shopping center is mixed with all kinds of spotlights, down lights, point lights, projection lights, crystal chandeliers, modeling lights, etc.Omni-directional stereo style to create a warm, romantic feeling.The theme of the lights on earth, the paradise in the heart, the yearning of the whole family and the liberation of body and mind will be directly in the heart of every visitor.


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