Analysis on the operation of lighting industry under epidemic situation

Analysis on the operation of lighting industry under epidemic situation

  • 2020-05-06
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Analysis on the operation of lighting industry under epidemic situation

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  • 2020-05-06
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The first quarter has ended, the COVID 19 epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and lighting enterprises everywhere are resuming their work and production in an orderly manner. However, with the outbreak of the international epidemic, it has caused significant potential impact on China's manufacturing industry, and enterprises related to the lighting industry are also facing new difficulties and problems. Production and operations are expected to decline 25-30% in the second quarter compared with the same period, and the decline will be more pronounced in the third quarter.
According to the understanding of various regions and different enterprises, the current overall economic operation of the lighting industry can be summarized as "the current production is basically stable, the future prospects are generally worrying".

According to the tracking and investigation of the major production areas and key leading enterprises in the lighting industry, the current situation of enterprises in our industry to resume production is basically stable, the rate of enterprises to resume work generally reaches 80-90%. In some enterprises, due to early preparation and early input, the on-job situation of production personnel has been restored to the pre-spring festival level.
In terms of reproduction rate, there is a significant difference between orders completed and new orders. Some large export enterprises in zhejiang, xiamen and other places have a large backlog of orders before the Spring Festival, so most of them are in full production. But guangdong, shenzhen and other small and medium-sized enterprises more concentrated areas, since march, especially after entering April, orders fell significantly, productivity fell.
At present, the main problem for the resumption of production is that the domestic and foreign markets are in a state of stagnation or semi-stagnation, which affects the recent production recovery of Chinese enterprises. In addition, although the order of the supply chain has been eased, it will take some time to return to normal.

After the Spring Festival, lighting enterprises across the country actively resumed production, in the case of shortage of personnel, supply chain price chaos, in order to timely complete the existing overseas orders, overtime work to complete the order, made positive efforts and great sacrifice. However, due to the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, export enterprises are generally faced with the dilemma of returning orders and delaying shipment, while the number of new orders decreased year-on-year. According to the communication between our association and the same industry organizations in other countries, each country has restricted the operation of some types of business for the sake of epidemic prevention and control, and the restriction measures of some countries have affected the operation and sales of lighting products.
1. The current production status is relatively stable, but it is mainly before processing the existing orders;
2. There is a general situation of returning orders or delaying shipment, and the backlog of product inventory is relatively concentrated;
3. According to the size of enterprises and the difference of export regions, the situation of returning orders or delaying shipment varies from 20-70%. At present, the situation of returning orders or delaying shipment or scattered shipment to Europe, North America and other regions with severe epidemic situation is more prominent, while the proportion of returning orders to central and South America, eastern Europe and other places is relatively low.
4. New orders decreased by 20-50% compared with the same period last year. In particular, after entering April, new orders fell significantly, small and medium-sized enterprises in shenzhen and other places in guangdong even have no order to do the situation;
5. Export enterprises are not optimistic about the situation of foreign trade market in May and June.
6. The pressure of small and medium-sized export enterprises to deal with the return of orders and the reduction of new orders is more obvious than that of large export enterprises;
7. The production of lighting products related to other industries has also been affected. For example, the production enterprises of automobile lighting are also dominated by stock orders, and the overseas orders are seriously affected.

3 - April is traditionally a domestic residents to decorate busy season, but affected by the outbreak, the real estate industry since the Spring Festival, decoration market has not obvious signs of recovery, although the main market of lamps and lanterns has gradually return to work around the business, key enterprises on the market development of the domestic market plan no major adjustments, but consumer demand downturn, retail market situation is not optimistic.
On the other hand, at the end of February, approved by the state council, 23 government departments jointly issued the "implementation opinions on promoting consumption expansion, capacity improvement and quality improvement to accelerate the formation of a strong domestic market", some enterprises have recently won the bidding of national infrastructure construction projects, relatively optimistic about the development of this field.
Lighting electrical products are the economic and social development and production of life just need products, but not urgently needed products. At present, lighting industry manufacturers pay close attention to the development of consumption promotion areas covered by the policy, especially the green, intelligent and health-related products. Lighting enterprises are actively engaged in research and development, production and market construction. However, in the short term, the above consumption incentive policy will not stimulate the recovery of domestic lighting consumption market. In the current overseas outbreaks of acute phase, each country's customs, marketing, engineering construction related links such as affected by the epidemic in abnormal condition, demand for general purpose lighting products basic stagnant or stagnant, the future of lighting electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise in our country, especially in the influence of foreign trade enterprises will be further intensified.

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