Smart lighting systems account for most of the market share

Smart lighting systems account for most of the market share

  • 2020-05-07
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Smart lighting systems account for most of the market share

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  • 2020-05-07
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From the perspective of product structure, intelligent lighting products are mainly intelligent lighting systems, accounting for about 90% of the total sales market share, and lamps and other related accessories account for 10%. At present, intelligent lighting has opened up the long-term growth space of the industry, and the ASP and added value of LED intelligent lighting products will be improved. Its development space is far greater than that of traditional lighting products, and the source of long-term growth momentum after the rapid replacement period can be solved.

The industry is becoming increasingly competitive

In 2011, five ministries and commissions, including the national development and reform commission, issued a roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps in China, proposing steps to do so. Subsequently, in February 2015, 13 enterprises such as yaming, sunshine, hongyan, oup, philips, mulinsen (11.920, -0.35, -2.85%), corui, ruigao, yinghui, bainian, CDH, dangoo and so on entered into an alliance with xiaomi and signed the joint statement on jointly building smart lighting to promote smart lighting. On the other hand, lighting companies are also seeking to cooperate with Internet companies. In 2016, opm (24.110, -0.08, -0.33%) started strategic cooperation with huawei, and launched the first products after the cooperation at huawei HiLink smart home ecology conference. Ali intelligence and hongyan electrical appliances also reached cooperation.
According to where, and the sun light (3.600, 0.01, 0.28%), leishi lighting, xin nuo, graffiti, intelligent, Shanghai unicom, hua yi square, $photoelectric line nearly 20 units and related enterprises jointly compiled by the "2019 new channels intelligent household lighting white paper shows that at present China's main intelligent lighting brand has opple, millet Yeelight, leishi lighting, sunlight, lighting, philips lighting, etc., in a white paper on" 2019 new channels intelligent household lighting research, The above brands account for 50%, 43.18%, 40.91%, 25% and 13.64% of the "most popular smart lighting brands among dealers and consumers", respectively.
In addition, in the field of smart home lighting, alibaba, tencent, xiaomi, haier and other Internet and home appliance enterprises have also crossed over and started lighting design and sales, trying to build their own smart ecosystem.

The future size is expected to exceed 100 billion

With the layout of 5G commercial and new business forms, the intelligent industry has ushered in a very good development direction, and intelligent lighting products have ushered in an explosive growth. The arrival of the main force of the Internet era after the 1990s has ushered in a new round of rapid growth of intelligent lighting products. From the perspective of market demand, the substitution effect of smart lighting on the traditional lighting market will also greatly stimulate the demand of smart lighting market. The "big cake" of the attractive market of smart lighting industry has been gradually presented, and the market scale of smart lighting is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2025.

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