The art of light - jiaozhou Macao road

The art of light - jiaozhou Macao road

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The art of light - jiaozhou Macao road

(Summary description)The art of light - jiaozhou Macao road

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Before the founding of the macau road community belongs to the scope of yan son island, after the founding of the socialist developing and perfecting, especially in the mid - 90 - s, with the east of Qingdao municipal government, drive east of Qingdao city planning and construction of the new pattern, founded in the late 90 s, zhuhai road neighborhood offices yan son island road community, residents' committees in August 2004 after the transition, changed its name to the Macao road community.


Fushan bay, xinan district, Qingdao city, the area has six main roads, donghai road, yaner island road, zhuhai branch road, Macao road, Macao 8 road, Macao 9 road, the community area of 0.72 square kilometers, east Taiwan road, west to yaner island road, south qianhai, north east east sea road.By the end of 2005, there were more than 110 units in the area, including huanhai mansion, industrial and commercial bank of China office building, 15 garden-style residential communities, 15 owners' committees, 13 closed property management companies, 98 blocks, 249 units, 2844 households and 8,532 population


Qingdao tonghui lighting technology co., LTD., undertook the street lights, luminous characters and regional lighting projects of Macao road.The whole project is expected to use LED solar panel street lights, wall washing lights, line lights, explosion-proof emergency lights a total of more than 5,000 groups.


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