Summary of the smart light pole project in April 2020

Summary of the smart light pole project in April 2020

  • 2020-05-11
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Summary of the smart light pole project in April 2020

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  • 2020-05-11
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This month, the guangnan county smart light pole comprehensive utilization project has the highest budget, with a preliminary estimate of total investment of 160 million yuan. Guangnan county is a county under the jurisdiction of wenshan prefecture in yunnan province. The project will install 5G smart light poles and upgrade and transform existing street lamps on the basis of the existing municipal administration in urban areas of guangnan county and xanadu scenic spot, accelerate the construction of smart city in guangnan county, meet the requirements of 5G network deployment, and promote the development of 5G. The construction period is 3 years.
The project cooperation method is to introduce enterprises to establish a project company in guangnan through open investment. The construction fund is raised by the enterprise itself, and the enterprise has a 13-year franchise right. If the government needs to integrate resources, the enterprise will make a budget, and the government will adopt the evaluation method to buy back the company.
Yunxiao road quality improvement engineering survey and preliminary design project budget of 47.3762 million yuan, ranked second. The project is located in guangzhou, guangdong province, and the construction content includes road engineering, slow space and bridge bottom space upgrade, traffic engineering, green landscape engineering, lighting engineering (smart street lamp), etc.
YinHe Road wisdom light pole (EPC) projects in the budget of $36.1 million in the third this month, the project site is located in Qingdao city of shandong province, is YinHe Road from Wang Sha to heilongjiang road 4.9 kilometers of road reconstruction and improve engineering of street light engineering and traffic engineering, and realizes the light pole and a traffic rod rod, and obligate wisdom light pole function extension application.
Procurement of smart lamp poles
Of the projects released this month, five reported the number of smart pole purchases, while only three had budgets. The galaxy road smart light pole project (EPC) with the largest purchase quantity ranks the third in the budget amount of this project, which is 36.1 million yuan. The project builds 384 bases of smart poles, including 274 bases for street lamps, 29 bases for traffic poles, 11 bases for pedestrian signal poles and 70 bases for miniature poles.


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