Market analysis of China's lighting engineering industry

Market analysis of China's lighting engineering industry

  • 2020-05-11
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Market analysis of China's lighting engineering industry

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  • 2020-05-11
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China's lighting engineering industry has entered the stage of sustainable development
Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the construction of China's urban lighting project has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results in the past 20 years under the tide of reform and opening up. Reviewing the development of urban lighting engineering in China in the past 70 years, it can be divided into five stages.

The market size will reach 500 billion yuan, with the main concentration of enterprises in east and south China
With the continuous development of China's lighting engineering construction, the number of enterprises engaged in China's lighting engineering industry is also increasing. However, large lighting project business in addition to the characteristics of complex technology, construction period, also need to lighting project contractor have a certain level of aesthetic and design ability, so the owner will ask the contractor in addition to outside the city and road lighting engineering contracting qualification, still need to have special lighting engineering design qualification. Therefore, although the market competition of small landscape lighting projects is quite fierce, there is a high industry qualification barrier when undertaking large landscape lighting projects.
Among them, the double-a-class qualification is the qualification with the highest industry level and the most stringent requirements. It has very strict requirements on the amount of project contracts and the number of project categories undertaken by the enterprise, as well as the number of professional and technical personnel, their qualifications, professional titles, technical equipment and management level.
The ministry of housing and urban-rural development is the competent authority of China's lighting engineering industry, responsible for qualification management, policy formulation and industrial planning. According to the data from the national public service platform for building market supervision, as of December 2019, there were 115 enterprises (namely "double a" enterprises) with the first-class qualification of professional contracting for urban and road lighting projects and the first-class qualification of special lighting project design.
From a regional perspective, east and south China are the most concentrated regions with 46 and 30 enterprises with "double a" qualification in China's lighting engineering industry, accounting for 40% and 26.1% respectively.


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