Understanding Why LED High Bay Light Are So Popular

Understanding Why LED High Bay Light Are So Popular

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Understanding Why LED High Bay Light Are So Popular

(Summary description)Understanding Why LED High Bay Light Are So Popular

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LED High Bay Lights Have Made The LED Conversion Easy 


What is an LED high bay light and what are the Options?

What are high bay lights used for?

A: high bay lights are used in large spaces usually above 15 feet high and open in nature .They are high output lights designed to cover a large indoor area with light.

You've got big spaces from 15 feet to 50 feet hight?That's called  a hight bay and lighting up those big spaces takes bright lights .High bay lights have been around for a while but LED spiced things up with smaller UFP warehouse lights and liner from factors that can put out twice the light in half the size.


What are the best applications of LED high bay lights?

A: Think warehouses, convention halls on the big side,but even shops ,pole barns and small workshops can use high bay lights.Even dwon to 10-12ft, these marvels of modern day lighting can make that garage shine bright and all the projects and work under them easier to get done.

How do you mount a high bay light?

A:UFP high bay lighting fixtures are mounted with a single eyebolt in the ceiling and clipped to the light with a carabiner clip.Linear high bay lights use 2 wires and are attached to the ceiling through bolt holes or strung over beams.


What are teh different shapes of LED high bay lights ?

A:Round and rectangle ,known as ufo for round and linear for rectangle are most common high bay light shapes.

It is possible to get the ligths in varied shapes and sizzes.Round and rectange know as ufo and linear are most common.Square is also out there, especially using explosion proof lights or other flood style fixtures.


What is the difference in linear hight bay ligths and ufo round high bay lights?

A: With modern LED technology there is very little difference.The linear lights used to have better coverage,particularly at installs below 14ft.Today the LED s are the same and the drivers are the same,the main difference is install. Round have a single eye bolt and linear have 2 gripper wires.Linear has a junction box on the back where UFO lights have a whip,which is just bare wires coming out.

Why LED for high bay lighting?Are LED high bay lights harmful?

A: No,LED hgih bay lights are very safe for a few reasons.First,they emit no UV rays,only those in the safe 400-800nm wave lengths,Second ,they contain no mercury and finally they run very cool,reducing risk of burns and fires.


No UV radiation

Thes lights emit no UV or Ultraviolet ray.The light is exclusively in the 400-720nm space, the visible spectrum of light.The sub 400 is UV, classified aas UV-a,UV-Band UV-C.UV-C is so dangerous its used as a disintectant to kill bacteria and viruses.


Long longevity(and we mean logn,long)higher lifespan is nother reason why UFO warehouse lights are so popular.Each of these bright lights has a long-life cycle,labelled by how many number of hours it is expectd to serve for.At 100,000 hours, these can last for 50 times more than a standard incandescent bulb,THis significant difference in lifespan makes these types of fixtures an easy choice.


Save energy 

90% off my incandescent bill? 70% off my etal halide bill.Why yes please !Crazy levels of efficiency is LED , but it gets better, you can save on costs due to reduced need to buy a new light too soon.Whey you set up an LED light, you can also lower your AC bills.This is because LEDs produce cooler illumination than incandescent or halogen bulbs.Thus ,there is lower need to keep an AC running to keep the indoor temperature cooler.


Better lighting quality

When taken factors like color rendering inxex (CRI),correlated color temperature(CCT), or total harmonice distortion(THD),LED warehouse lights will always be a better choice when compared to most of the ligth bulbs available in the market, For the uninitiated, CRI  is what measures the ability of a light to reveal the true color of objects as compared to a natural source of light,In layman's words,CCT is associated with the warm brownish or a cold bluish white glow produced by a bulb.Harmonic distortion is the micro flicker than adds up to make light bothersome.Often unnoticeable until working under it for hours,keeping that low is critical.In all hte three departments of CRI,CCT,THD,LED high bay lights outperform all other kinds of lights.

Instant On 

Full brightness in under 1 second ,hard to beat that .No more waiting for 20 minutes to warm up.


Faster heat dissiptation

Whne you don't get hot to start with, cool down time is fast too.That fast cool down also increase safety.Hot bulbs can start fires.LEDs reduce that risk.


What to look for when buying high bay lights?


Choose a good brand

LED high bay lights are not all the same.Over 2200 factories in China listh high bay ligths ,but only about 10 have the tooling and skills to produce good ones.Choose a well rated one that will get backed up by the seller and the manufacturer.


Better Certification Through DLC 

DLC lights or lights that are approved by the non-profit organization DLC(Design Lights Consortium),are energy-efficient and hight quality in form.These can produc fantastic illumination and can be ideal lighting solutions for commercial establishments.These match the product quality specifications of DLC and are made with the best technical expertise.

In the construction project of underground garage, we make full use of the characteristics of strong sense of light, high brightness and good safety performance.



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