Emegency Lighting -What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Emegency Lighting -What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

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Emegency Lighting -What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

(Summary description)Emegency Lighting -What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

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Energency Lighting, often referred to as egress lighting,is require in many locations to provide lighting in the case of a power outage or emergency and allow visibility for the safety of anyone in the area affected .These lights will illuminate spaces with a backup battery that activates when the fixture no longer is receiving direct power.


Why Do You Need Emergency Lighting?

A:During a power outage or emergency such as a fire,evacuation is often necessary and having proper emergency lighting is esential.When power is lost,emergency lighting is all that is left to help you navigate a building as safely as possible.Emergency lighting is very possible.Emergency lighting is very common in pathways and stairs along exit routes,ut can be found anywhere in a building.


Types of Emergency Lighting

These are of various types:


Open Air Lighting- it is designed to assist people in quickly evacuating an area or go to an secape route that is predetermined.Such kinds of lights are used often in sports arenas,stadiums .Standard open air lights have many floodlights and draw power from battery packs or generators.


Exit Sign or Escape Route Lighting

As the name indicates,these exit sign lights illuminate exit paths and guid people safely out of buildings,This lighting may be located in various positions from high or low and help prevent poeple from being disoriented during emergencies.You can find these lights pointing to the exit paths,such as in the aisles of theaters.


High Risk Lighting 

Thsi type of specialized lighting is to be used in the midst of emergencies,and typically utilized in industrial and manufacturing facilities,Personel can shut equipment or machines down when they  malfunction or seem to be a threat.Machine operators can safely end all operations and ,if needed,move towards the emergency exit.


Battery Back Up Lighting

Standy or Battery Backup Lighting have been created specially to allow activities to go on unabated when there is a power failure or emergency,You can find these being used in hospitals,fire stations and other facilities where services need to continue unabated even in case of a power outage.The lights draw power from generators or battery packs that automatically swithc on once the primary sourch of power goes out.


Is Emergency Lighting Required?

A:yes ,There are required by code in almost every business establishement where there are employees or customers.The emergency lighting requirements of the NFPA,within the Life Safety Code,are under section 7.9 reference,When needed ,emergency illumination has to be offered for at least 90 minutes(1hour 30 minutes)in case normal lighting fails.Sometimes this is limitd to exit sign or escape routing but more commonly required in main overhead lighting and even external building wall lights.

In big offices and buildings,emergency light systems are installedd properly with the aid of electricians ,There are laws about proper emergency life-saving lights for safe evacuation,following these laws is a must.Otherwise,action can be taken by the government against such project builders for non-complance,nevermind the lawsuits that would follow in the event of injury or death for not providing proper safety lighting.

It is important to chek the local safety requirements and building codes for your region,You can get the necessary information from the office of engineers in your country or city.Generally,a specific amount of brightness is needed from these lights-which is about 10 lux.However, as requirements tend to vary across areas,it is important for you to know about the requirements in your locality.


How Do Emergency Lights Work?

A:Emergency lights use power supply from a battery inside the light fixture and turn on when the supply to external sourc of power is lost.These batteries charge during normal power.Typically they produce a lower level of illumination compared to the light level during normal conditions.Generally,the brightness is 10% to 20% of typical, wheich can extend how loght the light would work while drawing power from the battery.Many batery back up lights are also intelligent and can distinguis from power turned off vs power failure and come equippd with testing buttons or methods to ensure proper function and battery condition.

These lights are generally powered by two types of illlumination technologies, which include:

Fluorescent -Fluorescent lamps are available in different sizes,and the affordable nes consume more power and require larger batteries and therefore more cumbersome fixtures.These have largely made way for LED.

LED_Customers can get the best light output from these illuminates,These lights consume a minimal amount of power and the emergency battery can be smaller for a more compact fixture.Due to the greater efficiency of the LEDs versus a fluorescent lamp power usage even in normal conditions will be considerably less and keep the energy bill down.

Some of the emergency illuminates are designed to be activated only when there is no power.These are generally in the shape of a battery pack haaving a couple of small lights on either side.Some people call these "bug-eye"lights due to their appearance.


Emergency Light Testing 

According to fire code requirements, emergency lights must be tested and maintained regularly to make them last and ensure they will work when an emergency arises.Emergency lights testing requirements are below:

  • A minimum of 30 seconds every month 
  • Full 90 minutes  every year
  • Writen documentation of how to test and test logs should be kept

Easy Light Testing 

Most of these ligths are designed to be tested easily.

A few of these consist of a test button that can simulate the situation of a power outage and activate the light.

Other comprise of a sensor that can put the light in a test mode,when the sensor has a laser pointer directed towards it.

A few are self-testing lights comprising of an indicator light that will notify if the light is not passing the regular montyly tests.

Some of the oldr lights might lack these ,and power supply to the tfixture has to be switched off for testing purposes.

An emergency lighting system should always be tested and serviced by a skilled electrician,given that it is necessary to simulate a failure of the mains power on the standard lighting circuit,It can compel the emergency lights system to be switched on with the help of power from a backup battery. 

In the construction project of the underground garage of international academician Hong Kong, we have used the construction document of this kind of projection light + safety exit + emergency light for many times.


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