5050-72 beads rigid light bar highlight

5050-72 beads rigid light bar highlight

  • 2019-11-29
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5050-72 beads rigid light bar highlight

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  • 2019-11-29
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led SMD specifications: use super bright 5050 patch led, (5050 lamp beads emit light through three chips, can do monochrome, full color effect)
2. Luminous colors: red (R), yellow (Y), blue (B), green (G), white (W), warm white (RW), purple (P), full color (RGB)
3. Circuit board: high-quality ultra-thin flexible FPC board, FPC board width is 10MM (conventional), can be bent at will (circuit board colors are: black, yellow, white can be selected)
4, lamp bead density: LED lamp beads are evenly distributed on the circuit board, 30 lamps / meter (conventional), 60 lamps / meter (conventional)
5. Waterproof type: non-waterproof (bare board light bar), surface glued waterproof (bare board light bar surface glued), wear silicone sleeve waterproof, sleeve glue waterproof (PVC sleeve glue, can also be called pumping) Plastic light bar)
6, working voltage: DC voltage DC12V (conventional), DC24V, can also be customized according to customer requirements; (Absolutely not connected to the voltage of 220V)
7, power: 30 lamps / meter power is 7.2W / M, 60 lamps / meter power is 14.4W / meter
8, the standard length of each roll: 5 meters (can be made according to the length required by the customer, but can not exceed 5 meters)
9, RGB full color series, please purchase the matching RGB controller to facilitate remote color control (can set monochrome / full white or remote control gradient, jump and change the speed of color change ...)
1.Low power consumption, small heat generation, long life
2. Good color consistency and large luminous angle (120 °)
3. The FPC flexible circuit board has good flexibility, can be bent at will without breaking, and can be arbitrarily fixed on the uneven surface
4. The product is light and thin, suitable for installation in a small space
5, 3M double-sided tape is attached to the back of the LED light strip, which is convenient for installation and modeling
6, low voltage (DC12V DC24V power supply), can ensure personal safety when using
7. Every 3 LEDs are a group, and each group can be cut freely without affecting the normal use of other groups. It is easy to install and does not cause waste.

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