A method of expressing architectural culture by night lighting

A method of expressing architectural culture by night lighting

  • 2020-05-13
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A method of expressing architectural culture by night lighting

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  • 2020-05-13
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Night lighting is to use the rich expression of light to reshape the image of the building at night, but how to use light to correctly express the architectural culture?

  1. The colour
    Color is instructive, symbolic and emotional. It is one of the most important ways to express architectural culture in nightview lighting, and plays a key role in shaping architectural image and atmosphere as well as enhancing architectural attraction.
  2. Control the direction of illumination
    By controlling the Angle and direction of lighting in the night scene, such as the bottom-up lighting method, the visual effect will be different from that in the daytime, breaking the light and shadow pattern generated by natural light, emphasizing the detailed features of the building, and fully showing the features that the building does not have in the daytime.
  3. Control illumination and brightness
    Control the illumination degree and brightness of night lighting, can shape the change of light, shadow and shade, through more intense light, shadow and shade contrast, make people produce different psychological feelings.
    Generally speaking, the place has a prominent bright place, where the central nature is strong, there is a lively atmosphere; Where there is a prominent shadow, there should be a sense of calm and neglect. The light fades into darkness, leading people into dreams; From the dark gradually light, so that people like a dream. Sudden darkness is frightening, sudden brightness is exhilarating, and so on.
  4. The combination of different lighting methods
    The combination of different lighting methods, such as floodlight lighting, interior penetration, contour lighting or special lighting, can form different lighting effects of points, lines and faces, increasing the sense of layers.
  5. Determine viewing Angle
    Night scene illumination design, through the determination of the main viewing angles, and then determine the facade of night view lighting important, have advocate have second, building facade lighting design of primary and secondary can be different, at the same time, also can consider, in the far, different distance near the ornamental effect, and the building itself different ornamental effect of high, medium and low, so that the construction of image more at night.
  6. Do not destroy the original texture of the building
    The lighting of the building at night should not affect the shape of the building itself as much as possible, which can be realized through good lighting design, such as "see light but not see light".

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