The Ultimate Guide To Sports Lighting - LED Stadium Lights

The Ultimate Guide To Sports Lighting - LED Stadium Lights

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The Ultimate Guide To Sports Lighting - LED Stadium Lights

(Summary description)The Ultimate Guide To Sports Lighting - LED Stadium Lights

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Why are LED Lights the key to perfect lighting in a stadium?


To choose the type of sports lighting to be installed in a field, itis not necessary to foucs only on a solution that solves short -term problems of the installed luminaires.It should aim to improve the future quality of the playing field for the games being played as well as ensuring that maintenance costs are always within a budget.


LED stadium lights have significannt advantages over metal halide sports lighters 


Both objectives can be achieved with the LED luminaires.Therefore, choosing the right LED sports lights for your stadium is of super importance for a thriving business plan.


Why should I choose LED lights rather than Halogen lamps?


In order to understand how ligth is generated ,it is important to understand two independent processes.The first occurs before electricity reaches the LED light bulb and can be considered as a power consumpiton process ,The second take place a litle later, with the  projection of light .

A. Power Consumption Process 

By power consumption we refere to the percentage of energy that is not wasted and that is essential to turn on the light,In the ordinary halogen lights, up to 80% of energy is wasted during the power process.With our LEDs, the wasted energy is less than 10% so our sports LED ligthing will require much less electrical energy and will reach and exceed the projection of light provided by halogen luminaires for stadium lighting. 


B. Light Projection Process

The lighting process is the second phase,Once the luminary has been turned on,you need to project the lgiht to the groudn with great light intensity,This is where it is very important to distinguish between luminosity and efficiency. 


Is a high-power LED light more efficient just because it is very bright?

The answer to the question is a simple.No.What is most relevant for a led light is not how bright it is ,but at how far it can project aht luminosity .If a light is extremely bright in the fist 5-10 meters but its intensity fades from that distance the ligth will reach the playing court will be considerably low, it should be taken into account that for sports lighting,the luminaires usually be installed on high posts.

Therefore, instead of thinking only about luminosity,it is also necessary to consider how light travels through distance,The luminosity is a relevant factor,but not the only one to consider.

How can this ability to travel be achieved?

The key element to generate a high level of light is the main purpose of sports led lighting.Geometric optics ,treat light as a set of rays in straight lines and that bend when crossed or reflected by the surface.

Therefore ,when each of the lenses for stadium lighting are manufactured and installed, it is crucial to make the maximum analysis of how the light rays leave the luminaire and manipulate them in such a way that they are projected in a certain direction.This is achieved through mathematical combinations and programs that make simulations on light.All this we do with the utmost accuracy thanks to our professional masters of the engineering department,If the light rays of teh LED  are more concentrated, less light will be scattered or wasted when you leave the luminaire.

After several of our experiments carried out in recent years, we have realised that merging the reflector with the optical technology will lead us to a greater capacity of reach for our LED lights for stadiums. Our expertise in producing optical lenses makes our track lighting twice as strong as almost all of our competition. 



LED lights re the best option to save energy ,and with our advanced optics, better lgith projection is achieved by increasing the lighting on the track .The only drawback for sports LED lighting is that it requires a larger initial investment,but the energy savings of using LEDs is a great advantage,After a year and a half,the money saved in electricity will be more that enough to cover the initial expense. 



Currently,LED sports ligthing uses the best technology and is the best sulution in the market.The LED is not the future, it is the present and future as well. 


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