Save More Energy And Cut Down On The Electricity Bills With Powerful Motion Sensor LED Lights

Save More Energy And Cut Down On The Electricity Bills With Powerful Motion Sensor LED Lights

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Save More Energy And Cut Down On The Electricity Bills With Powerful Motion Sensor LED Lights

(Summary description)Save More Energy And Cut Down On The Electricity Bills With Powerful Motion Sensor LED Lights

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Motion sensor LED lights are buzzing flobally due to the convenicenc of little-to-go user control needed, energy saving stylish design,longer life span and eco-friendly operation.No more struggling through the dark to find the light switch when you open the office up in the morning and no more leaving the front porch light on all night just for the 1 minute you need it as you put your keys in to unlock the door.With mtion sensors, the sensor does all the work for you. 

What are the Types of motion sensor LED light?

There are 2 main types of motion sensors-microwave sensors and infrared sensors.

Microwave sensors:Microwave sensors have become quite popular and are often used with all different types of LED lighting.With the use of microwave technology, these sensors are extremely accurate and can detect motion through walls or other solid materials,

Sometimes this ability to sense through walls can be very helpful,turning lights on before someone even enters the room. These sensors emit microwaves and detects the echo that returns to the device.A slight change in the echo pattern turns on the light and once the echo pattern is normal again, the light is turned off.Another benefit of microwave sensors is that they can detect any movement in different temperatures and teh result produced is uniform,This means , microwave sensor LED lights operate uniformly in all the temperatures making microwave motion sensors very versatile for different types of locations.

Infrared Sensors : infrared sensors are very common around the world. These sensors emit infrared ligth to tetect heat signatures in motion.These sensors are often known as PIR sensors .A polyelectric film material is usdd in these sensors that emit electricity to respond to infrared radiation,Once the influx of electricity occurs, the light associated with it will turn on,To detect an object which is in motion , these sensors require a line of sight,Apart from motion, infrared sensors also detect heat in the surrounding,These sensors are quite protable and require very low power.Infrared technology is used in various applications like television, night vision devices, infrared tracking,gas detection,rail safety,water analysis,outdoor or indoor lighting and more.There are basically two types of infrared sensors-thermal infrared sensors and quantum infrared sensors,Theermal infrared sensors use infrared energy as heat and don't reuire cooling after the use.On the other hand, quantum infrared sensors are better at detecting movements and provide faster response in comparison to thermal sensors,These sensors have to be cooled after the use to get better accuracy in the results. 


Combination Sensors: For the most accurate results from a motion sensor, a combination of both microwave and infrared sensors can be used, This leverages the benefits of both technologies,Sometimes the ability of a microwave motion sensor to detect motion through a wall could be a probelme for a certain application,turinging on a light that is not needed.At other times, the line of sight detection of infrared sensors could leave someone in the dark because of objects blocking the line of sight between a persion working and the seosor,Using both types of ensors at the same time can solve these issues,Depending on the desing and use, a light could only come on when bothe sensors are ttriggered or as long as one of the sensors are triggered.This help ensure the end result works for whatever the application.


Extremely Efficient Lights for Multiple Uses 

LED lighting has completely taken over the lgihting world,and with good reason.These lights not only save lots of electricity,but they can last significantly longer than older lighting technologies,Some LED chips are rated for over 100,000 hours of use, compared to an HID bulb like metal halide that can last for 20,000 hours at the most, it's easy to see why LEDs are so popular.Add energy savings of 70% and higher along wiht the dropping price of LED lighting, the decision is easy. 

Adding a motion sensor to your LED lights keeps adding to the savings of LED ligths.With the additions of a motion sensor,the lights will only be on when people are in the area making thme great for parking lots and warehouses,Power is only going to be used when people are near and need light.This is also great  for security,without needing to leae the lights on all night, If a thief enters the area,the lights turn on so they can not sneak around unnoticed ,Sometimes the act of the light turning on is all that is needed to deter thieves. 

These sensors work wonders for solar LED lights.Solar lights have a limited amount of power and batteries can get too bulky to power a light all night,With the addition fo motion sensors and dust-to=dawn sensors,solar lights will only turn on and use drain the battery when they are needed,Often this is used along with dimming settings to help improve the battery life,A solar light may detect motion and go to full brightness,then after 5 minutes cut back to 20% brightness for another 10 minutes before turning completely off,Wiht a combination of motion sensors and LED technology ,solar lights have becoe commonplace for street lighting in areas where adding power lines would normally increase the cost of light up a road by a tremedous amount. 


Highly Reliable and Easily Controllable LED lights

Motion sensor LED lights are highly reliable and durable,At Tonghui Lighting, you can discover a premium range of motion sensor lights with different features,Apart from the efficiency,cost and reliability, the motion sensor LED lights also provide multiple options like adjustable detection area, dusk to dawn sensors, time controls and dimming,Motion sensor LED lights are helpful in small as well as large industrial application. 


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